Thursday, April 2, 2009


So, in part 1, I talked about 2 fellows with whom I had some rather unpleasant dealings over the local church post. This internet world does seem to have a lot of appeal to folks who don't play well with others.

The anonymity offered gives some folks a great deal of "courage" I guess. Even professing Christians feel "free" to be as nasty as all get-out because they can get by with it, because they are out of arm's reach, safe from that punch in the nose some of them deserve.

On Facebook, another place I have reduced my activity recently because it seems so non-productive in terms of serious ministry, I have met some good folks and a few real "cases" A Facebook friend has been trying to deal with a commenter who very quickly reduces all those with opposing views to the "stupid" and "heretic" class. This guy is apparently a hyper-calvinist who gives credence to all the old stereotypes of calvinists being arrogant, condescending, cerebral and heartless.

At the same time, I have a handful of friends there who are independent Baptists, a group I was once part of and whom I now consider generally to have a theology which is "mile wide, inch deep" and dominated by decisional-regeneration, unBiblical "evangelism" These folks, however, are not like that, and it's a real revelation to me, and a great blessing. Several of them adhere to the doctrines of Grace as strongly as I do, eschew circus-evangelism, and are serious students of the Word. It's a good lesson to me--avoid generalities, avoid stereotyping!

I even have a "friend" there who is a minister in the United Methodist denomination. Now, I assume without asking that he and I have a different view of soteriology. There might be calvinist Methodists in Wales but I don't know of any in Louisiana! At the same time, I see what a heart this brother has for the lost, for the down and out, for the "dregs" of this culture who are rejected by the "church" because they are "not our type" He speaks my language and I thank God for him and his ministry.

So, maybe I'm goin' librul in my old age, huh?


Prodigal Knot said...

Not 'librul' at all brother!

Since all of us see through the glass darkly, we have to bear with one's another's weakenesses which also includes our view on the mysteries of grace.

As long as we are obedient to the Word and are doing our best to "truly" rescue other lost souls, Jesus said "..he that is not against us is for us."

Anonymous said...

Brother... These last several posts have been excellent. "It's a good lesson to me--avoid generalities, avoid stereotyping!" I agree with you on this. I have been guilty of this at times in my internet interaction.

As for your comment about Facebook being "non-productive in terms of serious ministry...", I disagree with your assessment. I have found Facebook to be an excellent ministry tool. You and I met there and I know that you have ministered to me greatly. I would hope that I have ministered to you as well.

It has enabled me to reconnect to some old friends who may call themselves "Christians", but are not and minister to them in ways that I always wanted to in the past. This has led to face to face meetings where I was able to share Christ and Him crucified.

I have had the opportunity to connect with people I did not know that are like minded in Christ. I have probably been fortunate in avoiding some of the more controversial things that you have seen. Or, maybe, I just choose to ignore them (that's probably more the case :-)).

I do not believe that Facebook is the be all do all in ministry on the web. Far from it, but I do believe it is a tool of significance in ministry to others when used to its fullest potential.

Just two little pennies...